Social Economy Project

The Social Economy Project, titled Linking, Learning, Leveraging: Social Enterprises, Knowledgeable Economies, and Sustainable Communities, was a five-year research project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the Northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan Regional Node of the Social Economy Suite.  It involved twenty-five academics in ten disciplines from thirteen universities plus fifty-three community partners from four provinces, the United States, Colombia, and Belgium. At the time, it was the largest SSHRC grant ever received by the University of Saskatchewan. Funding for the project was estimated at $6.45 million — $1.745 million from SSHRC and the remainder from matching in-kind funds from our partners. The project concluded in 2012 with a final report to the funders.

The project also resulted in more than sixty individual research reports and newsletters. You can find them all here.