Student Co-operatives

This is only a small selection of student co-operatives. If you would like to see additional student co-ops added to the list, please send me the information.

Refer to the North American Students of Co-operation (NASCO) website for a comprehensive links list of all North American student co-ops registered with NASCO.

Housing Co-operatives

Co-operative Bookstores

Transportation Co-operatives

Bike Co-ops

Car Share Co-ops has a comprehensive list of links to car share businesses, many of which are co-operatives, in the United States and Canada, as well as links to international car shares. In addition, there are information resources (in the form of research papers, etc.) available in a virtual library to gain better understanding of the car share industry. These are not actual student operated co-operative enterprises but this umbrella site is a valuable resource for people interested in starting a car share co-op.

For more information about starting student co-operatives….