Centre Scholars

CSC Scholars are associates who are actively involved in teaching, theoretical or applied research, and/or outreach education concerning co-operatives. The scholar model gives us an excellent opportunity to involve more faculty members in our activities, to broaden the base of our interdisciplinary teaching and research, and to create linkages with external organizations and other universities.

Mary Beckie, acting director,
Community Engagement Studies,
Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta

Gayle Broad, Department of
Community Development and
Social Work, Algoma University

Louise Clarke, professor emerita
Department of Human Resources and
Organizational Behaviour, Edwards School
of Business, University of Saskatchewan

Cristine de Clercy, Department of
Political Studies, Western University

Mitch Diamantopoulos, head,
School of Journalism,
University of Regina

Len Findlay, Department of English
University of Saskatchewan

Ellen Goddard, Department of
Resource Economics and
Environmental Sociology,
University of Alberta

Jessica Gordon Nembhard,
Department of Africana Studies,
John Jay College,
City University of New York

Tom Gray, Rural Sociologist,
United States Department of Agriculture,
Rural Development — Cooperative Programs

Cindy Hanson, Department of Adult
Education and Human Resource
Development, University of Regina

Lori Hanson, Department of Community
Health and Epidemiology,
University of Saskatchewan

Hayley Hesseln, School of
Environment and Sustainability and
Department of Bioresource Policy,
Business, and Economics,
University of Saskatchewan

Jill Hobbs, Department of Bioresource
Policy, Business, and Economics,
University of Saskatchewa

Dan Ish, legal consultant; former
chief adjudicator, Indian Residential
School Adjudication Secretariat
former dean, College of Law;
former director, Centre for
the Study of Co-operatives,
University of Saskatchewan

JoAnn Jaffe, Department of
Sociology and Social Studies,
University of Regina

Catherine Leviten-Reid,
Shannon School of Business,
Cape Breton University

Gregory McKee, director
Quentin Burdick Center for
, and Department of
Agribusiness and Applied Economics,
North Dakota State University

Sheryl Mills, Gwenna Moss
Centre for Teaching Effectiveness,
University of Saskatchewan

Brian Oleson, Agribusiness Chair
in Co-operatives and Marketing,
Department of Agribusiness and
Agricultural Economics,
University of Manitob

Rose Olfert, professor emerita,
Johnson-Shoyama Graduate
School of Public Policy,
University of Saskatchewan

Jorge Sousa, Department of
Educational Policy Studies,
University of Alberta

Curtis Stofferahn, Department of
University of North Dakota

Howard Woodhouse, Department
of Educational Foundations,
University of Saskatchewan