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A New Publication: Co-operation – the Beautiful Idea

by Heather Acton on March 22nd, 2011

News from the Plunkett Foundation:

Co-operation – the Beautiful Idea’ is based on Edgar Parnell’s lifetime of working in and supporting the development of co-operatives and mutuals worldwide. The new 80 page publication aims to explain in a straightforward way why co-operatives and mutuals are a better form of business and what those involved in the practice of co-operation need to do to ensure that their co-operatives and mutuals reach their full potential.

Edgar Parnell, launching the report, said: “Few ideas can justify being described as beautiful, but co-operation is surely beautiful both in terms of its simplicity and how they create a combined effect greater than the sum of its parts. This new publication aims to help people to understand why co-operation is a beautiful idea, why I feel it is the key to human progress and what existing co-operatives and mutuals need to do to ensure they play a part in a more co-operative future.”

Peter Couchman, Chief Executive of the Plunkett Foundation, said: “Edgar Parnell’s new publication is a timely reminder of the importance and potential of co-operatives and mutuals globally. The current economic uncertainly has led many to look at co-operatives and mutuals for the first time and increasingly people and communities are seeing them as a beautiful idea that can help improve their lives.”

Read more and find ordering instructions for this publication here:  News – The Plunkett Foundation.

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