Top Co-op Issues 2018

This is our third annual survey of co-op leaders across Canada. According to CEOs, board members, and managers in virtually every region and sector, the number one issue for co-op leaders, as it was last year, is public awareness of the co-operative model. As one respondent put it succinctly: “I believe the lack of understanding of the co-operative model among the general public is still the sector’s biggest challenge.”

We canvassed co-op leaders, including CEOs and managers, board members, and academics, on their views about the most critical challenges. Our thirty-seven key informants identified many issues, which we have analysed and organized under themes that include competitiveness, access to capital, co-op development, member engagement, relevance, and governance.

Here are the top six:

  • Public awareness of the co-operative model
  • Relevance to contemporary needs
  • Governance
  • Responding to broad economic trends, globalization, and the issues posed by the sharing economy
  • Member commitment/engagement
  • Changing technology

The final three items are tied for fourth place.

The poster found here itemizes the top themes and highlights the top six. Respondents had clear suggestions for action and we have included many of them here. Below is a graphic illustration of this year's issues and below it, another graph comparing 2017 and 2018.

The dark blue bars indicate 2018 data, the light blue, 2017.

You can find information about Top Co-op Issues 2017 here. And for 2016 here.