Our Strategic Plan

We have been working for some time on a new Strategic Plan for the Centre and are ready to share a draft with readers. It began with a facilitated, intense, one-day planning session involving all Centre faculty, staff, and advisory board members, and has evolved over the past few months into a tightly focussed document that sets out principles, priorities, and details of planned activities, as well as measurement indicators. Read the Preamble immediately below and click on the link at the end to see the entire document.


Since its creation in the early 1980s, the Centre has created public value by generating know­ledge about co-operatives for the co-operative sector, government officials, and wider publics. An external review in 2011 found that the Centre has become “an international model for interdisciplinary teaching, research, and engagement” that has served co-operatives well and brought “renown” to its host university. Co-operatives, societal actors, policy makers and educators come to us frequently for knowledge about co-operatives. Our new challenge is to become the most outstanding centre of our kind in the world. We are close to this goal and can achieve it within five years if we focus our efforts wisely.

Read the entire document here.

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