Online Co-op Governance Course

The Centre collaborated with Co-operatives First to create a new online course titled Governance in Co-operatives. It ran for six weeks — from 16 October to 24 November 2017 — and was freely available to anyone in the world. More than five hundred people participated! Governance in Co-operatives was hosted on . The six modules were as follows:

1. What Is Governance?

2. Governance in Business

3. Governance in Co-ops and Nonprofits

4. Working Together

5. A View of the Future

6. Legitimacy

Each module is based on a case study hand picked and prepared especially for this course.

Now that the course is over, we are preparing to make the six modules freely available on our website for individuals and organizations wishing to delve more deeply into governance issues but who were unable to take the course. We will not be offering a certificate of completion, as with the online version, but the material will be useful for instructional purposes, workshops, education for any type of board, or simply for individuals wishing to learn more about the basics of governance. When the modules are ready, you can find them here.

For more information, contact Paul Thompson at or call 306.966.8509.