Student Poster Presentations

The New Year's activities began with poster presentations by students in Brett Fairbairn's class Co-operatives in the New Economy: Institutions, Governance, and Policy. Five students identified and analysed a variety of co-op policy issues and presented their posters at a well-attended wine and cheese reception in the Diefenbaker Building's River Room on 13 January 2016.

Paul Thompson discusses his poster titled Co-operate or Compete?

The event, titled Analysing Co-op Policy Cases, addressed questions such as:

  • Can communal enterprises survive in a capitalist economy?
  • Can Co-op Life Cycle Theory explain organizational failure?
  • Are credit unions more stable than banks in financial crises?
  • Have policy changes undermined MEC’s co-op identity?

See the posters below:

Co-op Life Cycle Theory

Credit Unions and Banks

Housing Co-ops

Israeli Kibbutzim

MEC's Co-operative Identity