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Michael Gertler

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
College of Arts and Science
Fellow in Community and Co-operative Development
Centre for the Study of Co-operatives
University of Saskatchewan
101 Diefenbaker Place
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5B8

ph: 306.966.8501
fax: 306.966.8517

Designations: PhD, Cornell | MSc, McGill | BES, Waterloo

Michael joined the Centre in July 1996. He has been with the Department of Sociology since 1987, where he teaches the sociology of communities, rural sociology, and the sociology of agriculture. His research interests focus on organizational innovations that support agricultural diversification, agricultural co-operatives, the social ecology of sustainable resource use, and sustainable rural communities. Michael was on research leave in Central and South America January to August 2000. Michael was Acting Director of the Centre during 2011 while Lou Hammond Ketilson was on sabbatical.

Publications by Michael Gertler with the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives are:

  • Co-operative Marketing Options for Organic Agriculture. Jason Heit and Michael Gertler (136 p., Research Report), 2009. PDF
  • Co-operative Membership as a Complex and Dynamic Social Process. Michael Gertler (28 p.), 2006.
  • Synergy and Strategic Advantage: Co-operatives and Sustainable Development. Michael Gertler (16 p.), 2006.
  • Beyond Beef and Barley: Organizational Innovation and Social Factors in Farm Diversification and Sustainability. Michael Gertler, JoAnn Jaffe, and Lenore Swystun (118 p., Research Reports Series), 2003.
  • Rural Co-operatives and Sustainable Development. Michael Gertler (36 p.), 2001.
  • The Social and Economic Importance of the Co-operative Sector in Saskatchewan. Lou Hammond Ketilson, Michael Gertler, Murray Fulton, Roy Dobson, and Leslie Polsom (244 p.), 1998.